Alien Dawn

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Alien Dawn is the second chapter of Cyclone Redux Issue #2 of Flash Damingo and The Jackaroo. The story is written and drawn by Gary Chaloner.


The Jackaroo is in a losing fight against Molo the Mighty when the latter admits he wants to kill the woman controlling him. Molo gets a hit from tranquilizers when Margaret Bourne shows up. She reveals that she is not Bourne, but rather someone using her body. She admits her name is Feral. the daughter of Lord Zot and the heir to his empire. She reveals everything to The Jackaroo, from Flash Damingo's search for Molo, to the plans of her father.

Their chatter is interrupted by the superhero The Nightfighter, who attacks Feral's henchmen. His attack is thwarted by the Mercenary Rabbit with a Katanga Bomb. After disposing of The Nightfighter, the Rabbit and Jackaroo fight, with The Jackaroo inching a win. The latter then tries to pursue Feral, leaving Molo with Pattison. Molo admits to Pattison that he abandoned his people and that Feral holds great power with Molo's headband with her. Flash pops up, attempting to murder Molo on the spot.

The Jackaroo goes on to attack Feral, fighting her to the nail. Pattison convinces Flash that Molo is on their side and proceeds to go after Feral. As The Jackaroo and Feral fight, the headband in Feral's possession rolls down the sewer, getting lost in the process. Molo proceeds to attack Feral and kill her.

As the group calls the authorities to work on the scene of the crime, it is revealed that Molo's headband rolls down the drain and goes into Doctor Surly's possession.

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