The Good, The Bad & The Mighty

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The Good, The Bad & The Mighty is the first chapter of Cyclone Redux Issue #2 of Flash Damingo and The Jackaroo. The story is written and drawn by Gary Chaloner.


The story starts with The Jackaroo wading through the sewer system under the Anzac Memorial, the underground lair for O.G.R.E.. The Jackaroo finds Lieutenant Harry Pattison and Major Flash Damingo unconscious in the water. Both men tell their stories to each other, it is revealed the The Jackaroo pursues The Barnacle due to the disappearance of his friend, Margaret Bourne, three months ago.

Around the same time, Lieutenant Smith is berating Bourne when it's revealed that the one she is talking to is now a cyborg. Lieutenant James Clive-Kirby, captured and tied in a chair, witnesses the entire event. Clive-Kirby confessed to everything, including Damingo's ruse of looking for people who can help his people against the Zotians. Clive-Kirby is then disposed of by OGRE.

In another area, Doctor Clarke Surly, Theo, and Monkey are trying to find a way out, only to discover the corpses of Clive-Kirby and Lt. Smith. The trio of Damingo, Pattison, and The Jackaroo are also going moving about, the latter being very distrustful of Damingo. As they move, Damingo goes missing in action and Molo the Mighty attacks the two humans.

Previous Chapter: Into The Hands of OGRE

Next Chapter: Alien Dawn